Hasteblood – Hope for Redemption (Musikvideo)

Hasteblood - Hope for Redemption

HASTEBLOOD – official video for “HOPE FOR REDEMPTION” directed by Kai E. Bogatzki — www.hasteblood.de

main character:
// Daniele Rizzo

// Stefan Kuhnigk
// Matthias Helling
// Sebastian Bast
// Thomas Engel
// Oliver Beier

popcorn shop-girl:
// Monika Otrebowski

ticket teller:
// Andreas Paggen

// Pieper
// Ingo Bajonczak

// Sharina Goede
// Katrin Monsoir
// Elá Sürget
// Claudia Zirbes
// Carmen Wolf
// Ella Ruf
// Anna Ball

// // //

// Kai E. Bogatzki

camera & light:
// Kai E. Bogatzki

scnd. camera & light:
// Arne Stimmings

idea and script:
// Stefan Kuhnigk
// Oliver Beier

// Kai E. Bogatzki

// // //

// A really BIG “thank you” to all who were part of this video and made that cold winterday a day to remember. Thanks to the crowd, the metalheads, girls and photographers — you were awesome!

// Big, big, big “thank you” goes to Carsten for giving us the opportunity to use his cinema to actually shoot this video. It was the best location we could have hoped for. We hope for redemption, our friend!
You can find Carstens independent-movie-program here:http://www.casablancakino.de/
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// Visit http://www.hasteblood.com for more videos, music and downloads. We’re pleased to let you crash our servers.

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